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Because we know that incontinence cannot stop strong women from living life to the fullest
Fine Care® provides a wide range of products, giving you the protection you need to do the things you love, the way you want!

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Treat Elders with Respect
Why It’s Important to Treat Our Elders With Respect
Common grace and manners are to treat our elders with dignity and respect. Sadly, instead of treating our elders with the appreciation and respect they deserve, many are often either too busy or simply dismiss them and their contributions to their community and family.
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Mom's Increasing Need
Daughter's Desire To Remain Employed Conflicts With Mom's Increasing Needs
My mom’s lived with me for three years. I’m single and have a demanding job but I’ve made time for her medical appointments and to keep up with her needs. I love her and want to do my best, but I now find myself getting short-tempered with her, which I hate.
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Help Seniors avoid isolation
14 Ways to Help Seniors Avoid Isolation
Isolation among seniors is alarmingly common and will, unfortunately, continue to increase in prevalence as the senior population grows. ​​Learn more about how to keep your parents and senior loved ones healthy by reading our tips on the top ways to help seniors avoid isolation.
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Fine Care® Underpads
Fine Care® Underpads
Fine Care® Underpads are specifically designed to provide maximum protection for beds and chairs against accidental urine loss and during procedures. With its soft non-woven top sheet, absorbent core, waterproof back sheet and sealed edges, Fine Care® Underpads are perfectly suitable to protect the surfaces and keep them dry.
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Fine Care® Adult Briefs
Fine Care® Adult Briefs
Fine Care® Adult Briefs, with the patented DermaPro™7 technology, offer optimal absorption and comfort throughout the day and night, as they are specially designed to fit the body contour. It is designed with a thin double-layered inner fabric that provides ultimate absorbency to ensure maximum protection and prevent leakage, in addition to the odor control ingredients that provide comfort and confidence during prolonged use.
Fine Care®Adult Briefs are engineered with a textile back sheet that offers ultimate comfort and is noiseless during movement. Fine Care®Adult Briefs are the only product that helps protect against the 7 signs of diaper skin irritation.
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Fine Care® Pull-Ups
Fine Care® Pull-Ups
Fine Care® Disposable Pull-up (Underwear), with the patented DermaPro™7 technology, provides extra absorbency and comfort throughout the day and night, with a cut specially designed to fit the body. Its breathable waist panels and cloth-like outer material keep the skin cool and fresh. The inner fabric is supplemented with extra absorbency to provide maximum safety and odor control.
Fine Care®Disposable Pull-Up is suitable for both men and women, and feels like normal underwear, giving greater freedom and independence. It is the only product that helps protect against the 7 signs of diaper skin irritation.
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Fine Care® is the only adult diaper that has the patented DermaPro™7 Technology, built-into the core.
As a result, even after wetting, and the constant pressure that comes naturally, Fine Care keeps the skin dry and healthy.
DermaPro™7 helps protect against the 7 signs of skin irritation
  1. Skin Ulcers
  2. Bad Odors
  3. Rough Skin
  4. Acidic PH
  5. Redness
  6. Wetness
  7. Friction
Most people just do not know how many adults suffer from incontinence every day. People are too embarrassed to discuss it because of the culture we have built up around it. ​​

At Fine Hygienic Holding, we have been tackling the issue of incontinence for decades. We have discussed it with thousands of patients, caregivers, and experts. We have created and continuously improved products specifically designed to adults suffering from incontinence.

The aim of our Live Chat is to give Women, Men, and Caregivers, the opportunity to discuss and better understand incontinence, and how our products can help them live the life they love.

Our Live Chat is discreet, very personalized, and do not require you to identify yourself or share your personal data unless you feel comfortable doing so.

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